Western Birds

Vol. 16, No. 2June 1985

Western Field Ornithologists

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Western Birds 45(4) Front Cover


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Main Articles

First Nesting Records and Current Status of the Black-Shouldered Kite in Arizona
Thomas A. Gatz, Martin D. Jakle, Richard L. Glinski, Gale Monson

Treasurer's Report
J. Garth Alton

Avifaunal Changes in Central Oregon Since 1899
Brian Sharp

Royal Tern Nesting Attempts in California
Fred C. Schaffner

The Marine Birds of Alijos Rocks, Mexico
Robert L. Pitman

Book Reviews
Checklist of the Birds of Texas
Richard Webster
Hawaii's Birds
Richard Webster

The Joy of Birding. A Guide to Better Birdwatching
Richard Webster


Two-Year Old Female Spotted Owl Breeds Successfully
Gary S. Miller, S. Kim Nelson, Will C. Wright

First Record of the Yellow-Throated Warbler in Wyoming
Douglas B. Inkley

Nesting Doves and Thrashers Share Close Quarters
John T. Emlen, Ruth R. Ogden

Horned Puffin Sightings in the Eastern Pacific
Robert L. Pitman, Michael R. Graybill


Cover photo by Bruce Webb: Western Grebe (Aechmophorus occidentalis), Santa Barbara, California, 4 February 1982.