Western Birds

Vol. 18, No. 1March 1987

Western Field Ornithologists

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Main Articles

Management and Preservation of Endangered Birds in Riparian Ecosystems
Stephen A. Laymon

Perspectives on Managing Riparian Ecosystems for Endangered Bird Species
Kathleen E. Franzreb

Status of Breeding Riparian-Obligate Birds in Southwestern Riverine Systems
William C. Hunter, Robert D. Ohmart, Bertin W. Anderson

Can the Western Subspecies of the Yellow-Billed Cuckoo be Saved From Extinction?
Stephen A. Laymon, Mary D. Halterman

Willow Flycatcher Surveys in the Sierra Nevada
John H. Harris, Susan D. Sanders, Mary Anne Flett

Ecology of a Sierra Nevada Population of Willow Flycatchers
Mary Anne Flett, Susan D. Sanders

Endangered Status and Strategies for Conservation of the Least Bell's Vireo (Vireo Bellii Pusillus) in California
Kathleen E. Franzreb

Nest-Site Tenacity of Least Bell's Vireos. 50-54.
James M. Greaves

Least Bell's Vireo Management by Cowbird Trapping. 55-62.
John A. Beezley, John P. Rieger

Brown-Headed Cowbirds in California:. 63-70.
Stephen A. Laymon

Bank Swallow Distribution and Nesting Ecology on the Sacramento River, California
Barrett A. Garrison, Joan M. Humphrey, Stephen A. Laymon

Birds of Remnant Riparian Forests in Northeastern Wisconsin. 77-84.
Norman E. Fowler, Robert W. Howe

The California Natural Diversity Data Base and Riparian Ecosystem Conservation. 85-88.
Carrie Anne Shaw

Endangered Habitats Versus Endangered Species:. 89-96.
R. Roy Johnson, Lois T. Haight, James M. Simpson

Cover photoby James M. Greaves, Santa Barbara, California: Least Bell's Vireo (Vireo beilii pusillus) at nest site, Gibraltar Reservoir, near Santa Ynez River, Santa Barbara County, California, May 1980.