Western Birds

Vol. 25, No. 4December 1994

Western Field Ornithologists

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Western Birds 45(4) Front Cover


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Identification of Manx-Type Shearwaters in the Eastern Pacific
Steve N. G. Howell, Larry B. Spear, Peter Pyle

An Eight-Year Census of Birds of Vallecito Creek, Anza-Borrego Desert, California
Barbara W. Massey, Michael U. Evans

Current Status of the Five-Striped Sparrow in Arizona
Kathleen Groschupf

Western Birds, Index, Volume 25, 1994
Mildred Comar


A White Green Heron in Southern California
Kimball L. Garrett

More Records of Breeding Birds From Montague Island, Northern Gulf of California
Elisa Peresbarbosa, Eric Mellink

Pygmy Nuthatch Swinging Pygmy Nuthatch in Southeastern Arizona
Luke Cole

First Nesting Record of the Laughing Gull for the West Coast of Baja California, Mexico
Aradit Castellanos, Federico Salinas-Zavala, Alfredo Ortega-Rubio

California Scrub Jay Forages on Mule Deer
Irene Campbell, Robert W. Dickerman


Cover photo by © Thomas Gatz of Phoenix, Arizona: Tufted Duck (Aythya fuligula) with Ring-necked Ducks (Aythya collaris), Red Mountain Ranch, Mesa, Arizona, January 9, 1993. First record of Tufted Duck for Arizona.