Western Birds

Vol. 26, No. 1March 1995

Western Field Ornithologists

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Western Birds 45(4) Front Cover


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Sixteenth Annual Report of the California Bird Records Committee
Matthew T. Heindel, Kimball L. Garrett

Greater Sandhill Crane Nesting and Production in Northeastern California, 1988
Carroll D. Littlefield

First Record of the Marbled Murrelet and Third Record of the Ancient Murrelet for Mexico
Richard A. Erickson, Robert A. Hamilton, Steve N. G. Howell,
Peter Pyle, Michael A. Patten

Fifty Years Since Grinnell and Miller
Michael A. Patten, Philip Unitt, Richard A. Erickson, Kurt F. Campbell


Incubation and Brood Rearing by a Wild Male Mountain Quail
David J. Delehanty

First United States Nesting Records of the Streak-Backed Oriole
Troy Corman, Gale Monson


Cover photo by © Renee Lynn (Davis•Lynn Photography) of Palo Alto, California: Sandhill Cranes (Grus canadensts), Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge, New Mexico, December, 1992.