Biology of the California Gnatcatcher
John T. Rotenberry, Thomas A. Scott

Featured Photo
Jon R. King, Steve N. G. Howell

Western Birds, Index, Volume 29, 1998
Jack W. Schlotte, Philip Unitt

Book Reviews
The Large Gulls of North America
Steve N. G. Howell
A Guide to the Nests, Eggs, and Nestlings of North American Bird
Stacy Small

Breeding Biology
Has Brood Parasitism Selected for Earlier Nesting in the California Gnatcatcher?
Michael A. Patten, Kurt F. Campbell
Breeding Behavior of the California Gnatcatcher in Southwestern San Diego County, California
Mary A. Grishaver, Patrick J. Mock, Kristine L. Preston
Breeding and Dispersal Biology of the California Gnatcatcher
in Central Orange County
J. Paul Galvin

Community Relationships
Is the California Gnatcatcher a Good Umbrella Species?
Scott A. Fleury, Patrick J. Mock, John F. O'Leary
Is the California Gnatcatcher an Indicator of Bird-Species Richness
in Coastal Sage Scrub?
Mary K. Chase, John T. Rotenberry, Michael D. Misenhelter

General Biology and Behavior
California Gnatcatcher Territorial Behavior. 242-257.
Kristine L. Preston, Patrick J. Mock, Mary A. Grishaver, Eric A. Bailey, David F. King
California Gnatcatcher Vocalization Behavior. 258-268.
Kristine L. Preston, Mary A. Grishaver, Patrick J. Mock
Factors Affecting Estimates of California Gnatcatcher Territory Size. 269-279.
Jonathan L. Atwood, Sophia H. Tsai, Carol A. Reynolds, James C. Luttrell,
Michael R. Fugagli
Molt and Plumage Variation by Age and Sex in the California and Black-Tailed Gnatcatchers. 280-289.
Peter Pyle, Philip Unitt

Habitat Relationships
Historical Decline of Coastal Sage Scrub in the Riverside-Perris Plain, California. 366-391.
Richard A. Minnich, Raymond J. Dezzani
Coastal Sage Scrub Variations of San Diego County and their Influence on the Distribution of the California Gnatcatcher. 392-405.
Kenneth L. Weaver
Use of Refugia by California Gnatcatchers Displaced by Habitat Loss. 406-412.
Jonathan L. Atwood, David R. Bontrager, Amy L. Gorospe
Energetic Constraints to the Distribution and Abundance of the California Gnatcatcher. 413-420.
Patrick J. Mock
California Gnatcatcher Use of Habitats Other than Coastal Sage Scrub:. 421-433.
Kurt F. Campbell, Richard A. Erickson, William E. Haas, Michael A. Patten

Unmated Male California Gnatcatcher Feeds Fledgling Bushtits. 475-476.
Richard A. Erickson
A New Site of Sympatry of the California and Black-Tailed Gnatcatchers in the United States. 476-479.
Kenneth L. Weaver

Population Dynamics
Six Years of Synchronous California Gnatcatcher Population Fluctuations at Two Locations in Coastal Orange County, California. 333-339.
Richard A. Erickson, Karen L. Miner
Distribution and Population Size of California Gnatcatchers on the Palos Verdes Peninsula, 1993-1997. 340-350.
Jonathan L. Atwood, Sophia H. Tsai, Carol A. Reynolds, Michael R. Fugagli
Dispersal Capability of the California Gnatcatcher:. 351-360.
Eric A. Bailey, Patrick J. Mock

Range Margins
History and Status of the California Gnatcatcher in San Bernardino County, California. 361-365.
Liam H. Davis, Robert L. Mckernan, James S. Burns

Use of Restored Habitat
An Example of the California Gnatcatcher Nesting in Restored Coastal Sage Scrub. 434-438.
M. W. (Bill) O'Connell, Richard A. Erickson
Use of Restored Coastal Sage Scrub Habitat by California Gnatcatchers in a Park Setting. 439-446.
Karen L. Miner, Adrian Wolf, Robb Hirsch
Occurrence and Management Considerations of California Gnatcatchers Along San Diego County Highways. 447-452.
Peter Famolaro, Jeff Newman