Western Birds

Vol. 36, No. 2June 2005

Western Field Ornithologists

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Western Birds 45(4) Front Cover


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Main Articles

Report of the California Bird Records Committee: 2003 Records
Mike San Miguel and Todd McGrath

Black Phoebe Breeding Range Expansion into Colorado
Doug Faulkner, Coen Dexter, Rich Levad, and Tony Leukering

Changes in Winter Abundance of the Ruddy Turnstone Along the Coast of California
Edward R. Pandolfino and James W. Helmericks


California Gnatcatcher Feeds Bewick’s Wren Nestlings in an Abandoned Rodent Burrow
Michael C. Couffer

First Record of a Shy Albatross in Alaska
R. Bradley Benter, Heather M. Renner, and Martin Renner

Hudsonian Godwit in Baja California
Mark J. Billings and Guy McCaskie

New Breeding Localities for the Snowy Plover in Western Mexico
Eric Mellink and Mónica Riojas-López

Clark’s Grebe in Western Washington
Steven G. Mlodinow

Book Reviews
Alvaro Jaramillo and Steve N. G. Howell

Featured Photo
Robert A. Hamilton and Peter A. Gaede

Front cover photo by © Tom Shermer of New Westminster, British Columbia: McKay’s Bunting (Plectrophenax hyperboreus), Iona Island, British Columbia, 19 December 2004.

Back cover “Featured Photos” by © Tony Leukering of Brighton, Colorado: Pink-sided Junco (Junco hyemalis mearnsi), Maysville, Colorado, December 2004 (top); © Robert A. Hamilton of Long Beach, California: apparent Pink-sided × Gray-headed Junco (J. h. mearnsi × J. h. caniceps) Rancho El Descanso, Baja California, 4 October 2004 (middle); and © Carol Davis of Taylorsville, Utah: Gray-headed Junco (J. h. caniceps), Little Cottonwood Canyon, Utah, April 2002 (bottom).