Western Birds

Vol. 39, No. 3September 2008

Western Field Ornithologists

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The 32nd Report of the California Bird Records Committee: 2006 Records
Matthew T. Heindel and Kimball L. Garrett

Shorebird Use of Muted Tidal Wetlands in a California Estuary
Sarah Connors


Purple Martin Distribution and Nesting Habitat at Shasta Lake, California
Len Lindstrand III

Sap Feeding on Birch Trees by American Three-toed Woodpeckers
Theodore N. Bailey

First Records of the Brown Creeper Breeding along the Middle Rio Grande
in Central New Mexico
Jean-Luc E. Cartron, David L. Hawksworth, and Deborah M. Finch

Book Reviews
Jan Hodder, George A. Jobanek, and Ted Floyd

Featured Photo: First Documentation of a Eurasian Kestrel in California
Angus C. Hull, Michael G. Armer, Bethany J. Sturgeon, and Allen M. Fish

Front cover photo by © Bob Steele of Inyokern, California: Arctic Warbler (Phylloscopus borealis), Galileo Hill, Kern County, California, 7 September 2007, one of three Arctic Warblers found and photographed in California 6–13 September 2007. Away from Alaska, this species had been recorded in North America only seven times previously, twice in northwestern Canada, four times in California, and once in Baja California.

Back cover “Featured Photos” by © Michael Armer of Mountain View, California: Eurasian Kestrel (Falco tinnunculus), juvenile female, banded at the Marin Headlands, Marin County, Califor- nia, 23 October 2007. Southernmost record of this species for western North America, following 11 for Alaska, one for British Columbia, and one for Washington.