Western Birds

Vol. 41, No. 4

December 2010

Western Field Ornithologists



Western Birds 45(4) Front Cover


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Main Articles

Short-tailed Hawks Nesting in the Sky Islands of the Southwest
Noel F. R. Snyder, Helen A. Snyder, Narca Moore-Craig,
Aaron D. Flesch, Richard A. Wagner, and Rose Ann Rowlett

An Apparent Hybrid Philadelphia x Red-eyed Vireo
on Southeast Farallon Island, California
Ryan S. Terrill, James R. Tietz, and Matthew L. Brady

Northern Goshawk: First Nesting Record for Santa Barbara County
and Current Breeding Status in Southern California

Peter A. Gaede, David Kisner, and Hugh Ranson

Diet of the Western Screech-Owl in Southeast Alaska
Michelle L. Kissling, Stephen B. Lewis, and Daniel A. Cushing


A Possible Hostile Takeover of a Mated Female by a Male American Dipper
Mary F. Willson and Katherine M. Hocker

Book Reviews Denise Wight

Virginia P. Johnson Receives WFO's Alan M. Craig Award
Philip Unitt and David E. Quady

Featured Photo: Documenting Repeated Occurrences of Individual
Birds with Digital Images

Peter Pyle and Brian Sullivan

Index Daniel D. Gibson

Front cover photo by © Richard A. Wagner: Male (rear) and female Short-tailed Hawks (Buteo brachyurus) at their nest in the Chiricahua Mountains, Arizona, 2007. Although the diet of the pair was mostly small birds, it also included Cliff Chipmunks (Eutamias dorsalis), seen here, and lizards.

Back cover “Featured Photos” (top) by © Eric Kallen of San Diego, California: Snow Bunting (Plectrophenax nivalis), Ocean Beach, San Diego County, California, 2 May 2009 and (bottom) by © Brian Sullivan of Carmel Valley, California: same individual, Point Pinos, Monterey County, California, 26 May 2009.