Western Birds

Vol. 49, No. 3

September 2018

Western Field Ornithologists



Western Birds 45(4) Front Cover


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Fourth Report of the Alaska Checklist Committee
Daniel D. Gibson, Lucas H. DeCicco, Robert E. Gill Jr., Steven C. Heinl,
Aaron J. Lang, Theodore G. Tobish Jr., and Jack J. Withrow

First Report of the Palau Bird Records Committee
Demei Otobed, Alan R. Olsen, Milang Eberdong,
Heather Ketebengang, Mandy T. Etpison, H. Douglas Pratt,
Glenn H. McKinlay, Gary J. Wiles, Eric A. VanderWerf, Mark O’Brien,
Ron Leidich, Umai Basilius, and Yalap Yalap

A Noninvasive Technique for Sampling Food Availability
for Foliage-Gleaning Birds
Joseph J. Fontaine and Karie L. Decker

Sexually Dimorphic Plumage Characteristics in the Northern Black Swift Carolyn Gunn, Kevin J. Aagaard, Kim M. Potter, and Jason P. Beason


Thick-billed Warbler (Iduna aedon) at Gambell, Alaska: First Record
for North America
Gary H. Rosenberg, Paul E. Lehman, Aaron J. Lang,
and Victor and Ruben Stoll

First Record of the Common Grackle from Sonora
David Vander Pluym and Lauren B. Harter

Featured Photo: Hypereumelanistic Horned Grebe Observed
in Eastern Interior Alaska
Mark Bertram and Adam Grimm

Front cover photo by © Greg Scyphers of Sparks, Nevada: Thick-billed Warbler (variously classified as Acrocephalus, Iduna, Phragamaticola, or Arundinax aedon), Gambell, St. Lawrence Island, Alaska, 8–13 September 2017. This represents the first record for North America of a species that ranges northeast in Asia to the Amur River basin.

Back cover “Featured Photos” by Adam Grimm of Burbank, South Dakota: melanistic Horned Grebe (Podiceps auritus), paired with a normally colored mate, at Canvasback Lake, Yukon Flats National Wildlife Refuge, Alaska, 30 May 2017.